(This game was originally made for Global Game Jam 2020, theme: Repair)

Enjoy your job as a handyworker in this seemingly calm, charming, short game.



  • WASD / Left Stick - Move
  • Spacebar / Gamepad A - Pickup/Repair
  • Z / Gamepad B - Drop/Cancel
  • (a mouse is required to navigate the main menus)


Not suitable for those who are easily disturbed. Headphones recommended.


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At first i thought huh what a good cutesy game then i got to level 4 and was like OH SHIT OH SHIT

Haha! Well glad you liked it! :D


This was so good! It took such an unexpected turn and I absolutely loved it... despite the chills that ran down my spine endlessly.

The repairing household goods aspect is a great enough concept on its own, but adding the random extra surprises just made the whole package even greater!

Honestly, if you wanna play something with a massive unexpected twist, then give this game your full attention right now! And devs, keep up the most awesome of work! =)

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Thank you! Glad you loved it! :D That's some screaming haha

when i go onto it the screen is pitch black and all i can se is the dust that shows up when you run :((


Do you have a screenshot of this? We'll look into it. You may also double check the brightness of the monitor, that may be on of the reasons.

 i have checked the brightness its normal and it still has like the walls so i walk into stuff but i just cant see anything. hope this helps


And there I was thinking it’s solely about repairs. HECK NOT! 😨😱 Geez…

But it is about repairs! :O Haha. Thanks for playing!

I really enjoyed this game in level 3 with the lights going out made me uneasy because i felt like something was going to come at me at any second  so it had a really good atmosphere and i also like the little tweaks you did with the music at some points the game was good to just sit down and play for a bit

That's some enjoyable gameplay! Glad you finished it! :D Thanks for playing.


And thank you for making a great game

Not sure why, but I can't move if I open the game in fullscreen. No matter how much I click, it won't do anything. If I leave it windowed, I can control it just fine.

Thanks for this. We'll look into it :)

I love this style of visual. The beginning is a bit bland. It is this bland that contrasts with the development of the plot later. I like this design and am very inspired.  Good job! : )

Thank you! Glad you're inspired by it :D

I actually have a question how can you able to direct the character in the dark because I am definitely struggling to repair the fusebox. Don't get me wrong I love the game but I just want to know how to do it

If what you're looking for is the fusebox, go back to where you started in the room, and go right. Just bring a screwdriver to fix it :)

okay I'll keep that in mind thank you :)

Well... for what it is, very, very well made! At first it was all just whimsical and cute, then it takes a sudden dark turn when you least expect it. The last job sorta ticked me off though, not gonna lie, what with having to constantly run around him. But this was a nice little jumps care, and the overall game mechanics were very well thought out~ 10/10!

That's really great. Thanks for playing! :D


i did NOT expect that dude. i literally screamed smh

Expected what?! :O Haha thanks for playing!


This is incredible, really enjoyed it even though I don't usually play spooky games. I also participated in the game jam. We are a couple of amateurs only starting, if you have any advice it would be great. We are planning on keep improving it, it still needs a lot of work to polish and build on it. If you want to give it a go: https://jamon-yorch.itch.io/forge-frenzy

Thanks for playing! Glad you joined game jam too! Will definitely try it out with my team and share our feedback :D

I wasn't expecting that.


Handyworker didn't expected that too. Thanks for playing!

His face doesn’t say anything about expectations xD He’s just like “ok, usual day of handyworker, what a boredom”

So, I tried this game out without reading the description. Oof. Luckily I saw it before things really picked up, but still, it goes to show how awesome this game is at immersing the player in one environment when really it represents another. 

Thanks! But it was a cute game! :D

Damn. That was hella spooky.

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Damn. Thanks!

Really enjoyed this! Short and sweet and I love the subversive gameplay/art style. Had to try a certain part several times until I got it perfect, but I did it! ;) 

That's great! Thank you for playing! :D


I love subversive horror, and this game does a great job with it.

If you sat someone down and didn't mention that this was a scary game I could see this being very effective. The subtle prompt letting you know how to run and then seeing "that" was perfectly executed and I'd compare this to games like Pony Island and DDLC, though on a much tamer level.

Thank you for playing! Mentioned games are definitely our major influences :D


Job 4 is great until it tells you HOW TO RUN.

Hope you enjoyed! ;)


unexpectedly creep

Thanks for playing!


Very simple and smooth game play. The design is very cute and events are unexpected

Spoilers beyond here (more review)

1. The music is great. The change of music makes me uneasy

2. I haven't reach the real scare but I get creeped out when the room darkens when I switch location. very nice add

3. I still don't know what the gold rings are for. I did feel like I collected all each stage

4. The sound effects whenever I repair something makes me think something else is with me in the house

5. the monster is slow that gives the player enough time to repair. Although I need to do something at the very last repair since I always get caught

Overall great game! looking forward to your future games


Thank you for playing! We felt the uneasiness watching you play at the last level but great work! :D


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This game is really well put-together considering it was made for a Game Jam. Great Job!

Thanks mate!