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Good job!

 I still liked the game anyway, despite the demons. Great game. Me and the demons had a jolly good time playing it. It felt like Doki Doki Literature Club, as how it started out all cute-like, then it turned pretty dark. Great work!

When you be playing at two am in the dark and then in real life your door opens by itself and you realize the demons from the other horror games you played thirty minutes ago have followed you into real life.


Why do so many games have to mentally scar me?

had a hell of a good time playing your game, many thanks!

heres a video i made playing it!


does the game end at job 4? cause idk what to do when it says to run. like where do I run? really good game

I know this is a little late, but the game ends after completing job 4. In the top left it tells you what to repair. You basically have to do the jobs really fast. The monster doesn't move extremely quickly, so it's not too hard if you know where to go. Hope this helps!


Super enjoyable game! From the friendly visuals down to the suspenseful gameplay, I really had fun with this one. I hope you get a chance to check out my gameplay :)

ah such a nice twist!! i loved it!! <3

What a good game ! The last level was so stressful when we have to repair the last thing. Very good !

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i almost got a hert attack... now this was unexpected

I got to play with nuts and tiny boxes. Worth every moment.

oh my god this was amazing and horrible.

Thanks! :D

I opened it cause it looked cute, while repairing the closet, i saw it and closed everything :) but i still liked it  

RIIGGGHHHHHTTTT??? The thing killed me, on the 4th job, the only reason I continued playing was because my little sister was watching.

Hahaha thank you for playing! The pressure from the little sister was so cute!

I love you and hate you all at the same time... man this was really well put together. Any plans to take it further?

Thank you for playing! Right now, we have no plans in taking it further as we decided that it has a good ending already and members are pre-occupied with work stuff ^^' But thanks for taking interest!

I won't ever make it to the ending 

Very well done... I really thought this was going to be a very basic game... You guys really did surprise me. Great job at being very original.

Very unassuming game, nice work

Thank you for playing! :D 

I knew it, I made it to job 2, when I was fixing the Tv and the lights went out for a split second, I was getting ready to turn the game off, I'm not even sure if this is horror, I just finished the second job, I jumped when the lights turned out, and instantly to the comments. I see one at the top that says, I like not horror games, thats scary too, because they meant to say, 'I don't like horror games'

Finish it! hahah just kidding. Thanks! :D

When I was about to finish job 3, it said feed me, I don't want to feed it, I still played the level. I'm in the house and it's talking about fixing a stove or something. How does he know to fix the stuff when it just says feed me, that's when I turned it off, I'm not feeding nothing that tells me to feed it.  The way it put different accents on the letters was scary, once I started the job, I clicked the back button.

I like not horror games

Thank you ^^'

Oh you no like to thank goodness I like some of them though like fallout equestria ( the only real "horror" game i really like )



This is such a great game. The way it seems innocent and cute in the beginning and how it COMPLETELY stays the same. Definitely NOTHING disturbing about the game whatsoever!


Definitely cute, that's all! Thank you! :D

怖かった/I was afraid :D

It's okay :D Thanks!

Totally normal, cute and charming...not scary! Starts at 15:48.


Nice set of games! Thanks for including us! :D


I enjoyed your game very much! 

nice cute and not at all creepy game!


Thank you! :) Nice playthrough!


WOW amazing game overall...would love to see more like it

That was intense! Thank you for playing! :D

Very well made game for a gamejam. Well done!

Thanks so much! :D

Plz try adding a currency. Eg.When you complee a gob they pay you with the coins you can buy new uniform

Changing uniforms are cool! Thank you! :D

ah yes!! such a peaceful game!!!! love the concept & design so much this was Thoroughly Enjoyable

Thank you! :D

Welcome to a completely innocent game with absolutely nothing wrong. It's just a game where we fix stuff. THAT'S IT! T̸̬̗̿̚H̷̢͙̮̫̊̕Ȧ̸̰̼̘̫͛͐Ț̴͙̠̉͋͆̅͜'̷̨̜̰̽͊̉S̸͕̩͚̟̏͠ ̶̳̯̜̺̂̕Ī̶͈̠̓T̵̛̼͍̣̈́͝!̷̣͉̖̤͋̃̽ Enjoy you're new job as a Handyworker!

That's it! Just a innocent game. Thank you for playing! :D

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great game definetly gonna keep up with future games

Thank you very much! :D

I love this game:) Cheers mate:)

Thanks mate! :)

I was playing the first level where the lights go out and I was like "creepy that the music goes away". And then "why is the screen going black at times?". I realized what was going on when I was about to go up a hall and suddenly a table was in the way.

Peace out (? I'm not a horror game player in the slightest. Great game concept though. It also looks adorable as hell. Awesome.

Thank you! :D

OMG, i almost died in the level 4, i trying to go again lol

Great game <3

Thank you! <3


(Your game is the first in this video)

What a cute little spook! I rather liked it - I do wish there was just a tiny bit more of a gradual buildup, maybe a hint or two to the nature of what exactly happens, but all the same, for a quick little experience it was fun - and the music is great.

And, spoiler alert here, the menu refusing to let the game work after beating it is a nice touch.

Thank you for playing our game! :D I see IT in the thumbnail :D

At first i thought huh what a good cutesy game then i got to level 4 and was like OH SHIT OH SHIT

Haha! Well glad you liked it! :D


This was so good! It took such an unexpected turn and I absolutely loved it... despite the chills that ran down my spine endlessly.

The repairing household goods aspect is a great enough concept on its own, but adding the random extra surprises just made the whole package even greater!

Honestly, if you wanna play something with a massive unexpected twist, then give this game your full attention right now! And devs, keep up the most awesome of work! =)

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Thank you! Glad you loved it! :D That's some screaming haha


when i go onto it the screen is pitch black and all i can se is the dust that shows up when you run :((


Do you have a screenshot of this? We'll look into it. You may also double check the brightness of the monitor, that may be on of the reasons.


 i have checked the brightness its normal and it still has like the walls so i walk into stuff but i just cant see anything. hope this helps

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I have this problem too... on full brightness... are there any fixes to it yet?


And there I was thinking it’s solely about repairs. HECK NOT! 😨😱 Geez…

But it is about repairs! :O Haha. Thanks for playing!

I really enjoyed this game in level 3 with the lights going out made me uneasy because i felt like something was going to come at me at any second  so it had a really good atmosphere and i also like the little tweaks you did with the music at some points the game was good to just sit down and play for a bit

That's some enjoyable gameplay! Glad you finished it! :D Thanks for playing.


And thank you for making a great game

Not sure why, but I can't move if I open the game in fullscreen. No matter how much I click, it won't do anything. If I leave it windowed, I can control it just fine.

Thanks for this. We'll look into it :)

I love this style of visual. The beginning is a bit bland. It is this bland that contrasts with the development of the plot later. I like this design and am very inspired.  Good job! : )

Thank you! Glad you're inspired by it :D

I actually have a question how can you able to direct the character in the dark because I am definitely struggling to repair the fusebox. Don't get me wrong I love the game but I just want to know how to do it

If what you're looking for is the fusebox, go back to where you started in the room, and go right. Just bring a screwdriver to fix it :)

okay I'll keep that in mind thank you :)

Well... for what it is, very, very well made! At first it was all just whimsical and cute, then it takes a sudden dark turn when you least expect it. The last job sorta ticked me off though, not gonna lie, what with having to constantly run around him. But this was a nice little jumps care, and the overall game mechanics were very well thought out~ 10/10!

That's really great. Thanks for playing! :D

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